Zenergize to Relax, Refresh & Recharge

Drawing upon ancient holistic practices and neuroscience – You gain enhanced calm, energy and focus to get into better flow.


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Zenergize to Relax, Refresh & Recharge

Drawing upon ancient holistic practices and neuroscience – You gain enhanced calm, energy and focus to get into better flow.






Generate and manage energy, attain balance, and find renewal.

Drawing upon ancient holistic practices and neuroscience – Our methods create enhanced calm, energy and focus. We guide you through a process to get into better flow.
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Our innovative programs transform and deliver

Positive Energy

Skillful renewal of energy can tap into your intrinsic motivation and intuitive wisdom. Stress prevention is key to sustainable high-performance.

Calm & Clarity

Breathing, calming the mind or relaxing can help regain clarity. When calm we can access the information we need already contained in the brain

More Vitality

Let the mind be present. Stimulate acu-points along the spine. When mind and body are aligned we gain increased resilience.


Find a place of a calm from where to observe, understand and create good relationships. Or learn to play with the differences in a team.

The Zenergy Management programs improve quality of energy, emotional resilience and improves connections.

Sustaining high-performance requires energy renewal

When the quality of our energy is low we make poor decisions, lose clarity and vision and can have a negative influence on those around us. Conversely, by aligning mind and body our energy becomes more positive and vital. As a result We make better decisions; maintain visions and dreams and get into FLOW more frequently and for longer

We’re energizing people and companies around the world

1100+ Individuals

13 Countries

74 Companies

We are open to work with any one requiring energy management for better performance or self-development. You can be any size of a company, an artist, teacher, leader or manager. If you are open to improve the way you work, we are open to work with you. We have experience working within all levels in organizations and teams in wide range of cultures. If you want effective tools, we provide.

Some of the companies we’ve served

Through the program I experienced deep care and personal development from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. I think Zenergy should flow in the bloodstream of an organisation’s culture and engagement strategies; this is what people need most today.

Santiago Gowland
GM Sustainable Business & Innovation – Nike

Achieving high-performance in any organization requires energy. The Zenergy programme taught me valuable techniques and processes. These methods help me access a deeper level of energy that I can apply to achieve sustainablehigh-performance.

Ricardo Sookdeo
Head of Performance and Talent management – Maersk

From the blog

Exercise proven to have a positive affect on productivity

Research has shown that exercising not only has physical benefit, but it has also been associated with improved affective experience and enhanced cognitive processing. Exercise triggers the release of dopamine’s, which increases the mood in a positive way.

Boost your focus and performance with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of mind, where your mind becomes a platform from which you can focus and direct your energy for different purposes. There are many disciplines and practices that can cultivate mindfulness, however, you need to develop your way in order for it to be sustainable.

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